The Ultra Fabulous Care Bears' Safety Game! is a game show based on the retro 80s episode of the Nelvana Care Bears, but with more hazards!

Contestants Edit

  1. Baby Tugs (Dressed as a cowboy)
  2. Baby Hugs (Dressed as a native american)
  3. Beastly (Dressed as a wild asparagus)

Host Edit

  • Grumpy Bear

Announcer Edit

  • Brave Heart Lion

Assistant Edit

  • Treat Heart Pig

Audience Edit

  • Funshine Bear (Dressed as a Viking)
  • Tenderheart Bear (Dressed as a clown)
  • Wish Bear (Dressed as an Astronaut)
  • Swift Heart Rabbit (Dressed as a Deep-Sea Diver)
  • Loyal Heart Dog (Dressed as an Engineer)
  • Grams Bear
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant (Dressed as a ship's captain, a la Gilligan's Island)
  • Share Bear (Dressed as a member of a Mariachi band)
  • Good Luck Bear (Dressed as a Chef)
  • Cheer Bear (Dressed in a Burka)
  • Bright Heart Raccoon (Dressed as Zorro)
  • Daydream Bear (Dressed as a Roman)
  • Playful Heart Monkey (Dressed as a Greek goddess)
  • Proud Heart Cat (Dressed as a Chinese warrior)
  • Sweet Sakura Bear (Dressed as a samurai)
  • Champ Bear (Dressed as an Athlete)
  • America Cares Bear (Dressed as the First Lady)
  • Forest Friend Bear (Dressed as a gardener)
  • Sea Friend Bear (Dressed as a fishmonger)
  • Best Friend Bear (Dressed as a Slavic goddess)
  • Friend Bear (Dressed as a ballerina)
  • Amigo Bear (Dressed as a fireman)
  • Too Loud Bear (Dressed as a policeman)
  • Me Bear (Dressed as Narcissus)
  • Messy Bear (Dressed as a meteorologist)
  • Gentle Heart Lamb (Dressed as a teacher)
  • Cozy Heart Penguin (Dressed as an Eskimo)
  • Love-a-Lot Bear (Dressed as a witch)
  • Play-a-Lot Bear (Dressed as a Pharaoh)
  • Harmony Bear (Dressed as a celebrity)
  • Superstar Bear (Dressed as a billionaire)
  • Laugh-a-Lot Bear (Dressed as a jester)
  • Wonderheart Bear (Dressed as a caveman)
  • Oopsy Bear and his sister Do-Your-Best Bear (Dressed as a groom and a bride respectively)
  • Always There Bear (Dressed as a ninja)
  • All My Heart Bear (Dressed as an archer)
  • Bedtime Bear (Dressed as a news anchor)
  • Grizzle (Dressed as a terrorist)

Others Edit

  • No-Heart also makes a cameo appearance in round two as the 'stranger' who offers Hugs a ride home and Tugs a gift.
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