The Care Bear Adventures is an ongoing many crossover fanfic Series that continues the series of 1988 Originally Published on Deviantart by Shrekrulez ( Adam ).

(Notice: I am one of His Best Friends and He gives me Permission to Download this series to fan made Story sites and fanon Wikis.)


Join The Care Bears in This lovable and caring adventure series. Filled with Familiar and New Friends. Including in crossover episodes staring everyone's Favorite Ghost: Casper and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Episodes: Edit

Tenderheart's Birthday Bust

Brave Heart The Cowardly Lion

Not Bright Enough

Cooling off Anger

A Champ Or A Chump

Care Or Dare?

Chill out, Bedtime Bear

Bright Heart's first love

Friendship Crumbles

Doggone Day Afternoon

Misery and The Long Lost Cousins

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