The Care Bears were at the stage on battle between caring and not caring.

Story Edit

Nathan and Cheska were playing computer inside the house. the opened a file called DOTHQ. to play the game. when suddenly No heart showed up and Captured Cheska. so Nathan decides to jump into the Computer to save Cheska. When he arrived there a civil war was began between the Radiant and the Dire. when he picked He choose Lord Fathom. there he Meet Tenderheart, Funshine, Bright Heart, Cheer, Grumpy, Harmony, Wonderheart, Champ and Noble heart as the Radiant care Force. while the Dire uncaring corps consists of No heart, Beastly, Jake, Cubby, Shreeky, King beastly, Hook, Grizzle, Le beak and Izzy. they need to destory the Caring Beacon on the Radiant side and the Uncaring CloudMaking Machine at the dire side. At the radiant force had a new mission recieved from Noble heart and Nathan to save Cheska from No heart. they Use Swords, Stare Blast, Fists to Fight to the Machine but they were protected by a series of towers. they need a manpower to knock the machine out. Will they Save Cheska and Destroy the Machine. or The Care Bears taste Defeat? Continues..... 

A real motive na nag Dota.

Characters Edit

  • Nathan- 11-year old boy. which summons Lord Fathom
  • Cheska- 9-year old girl which is Nathan's sister and the Prisoner of the Dire
  • Lord Fathom- Nathan's Summon. Slithereen Guard
  • Tenderheart- Leader of Radiant Care Force. OmniKnight
  • Cheer- Support of the Care Force, The Priestess of the Moon
  • Funshine- Commander of the Care Force, Admiral
  • Bright Heart- The Inventor of the Radiant Care Force, Tinker
  • Cheer- The Farmer of the Radiant, Crystal Maiden
  • Grumpy- The Storm Master, Storm Spirit
  • Harmony- The Singer Backup of the Team, Queen of Pain
  • Wonderheart- The Youngest bear in the group. Courier
  • Champ- The Athletic Scout. Sniper
  • Noble Heart- The Chief to the RADIANT CARE FORCE.
  • No heart- Leader of the Dire Uncaring Corps. Invoker
  • Beastly- Assistant of No heart. Meepo
  • Jake- CAptain Admiral of the DIre, Chaos Knight
  • Cubby- Navigator of the Radiant, Batrider
  • Shreeky- Queen of Pain
  • King Beastly- King of the Dire Creeps. Necrolyte
  • Hook- CAptain of the Dire Creeps. Jakiro
  • Grizzle: Cross ally. Silencer
  • Le Beak- Sneakiest of the Dire. Phantom Assasin
  • Izzy- Swashbuckling General. Luna