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=== Main Clubhouse Song ===
=== Main Clubhouse Song ===
Come along, come and play.
''Come along, come and play.''
It's a new day.
''It's a new day.''
We're gonna have lots of fun!
(Spoken) And we're gonna have lots of fun!
When we're together, rain or shine...
When we're together, rain or shine...

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Care Bears: Good Luck Bear's Clubhouse is a 2009 application made for the PC and Mac.

Gameplay Edit

You get to do several different activities. Each activity is hosted by Good Luck, and he's your guide throughout the entire application.

Art Studio Edit

A coloring activity which allows you to paint your own picture, or fill in color to one of the default pictures.

Care-A-Lot Scrapbook Edit

A scrapbook that has pictures of places in Care-A-Lot. Click on the picture, and Good Luck will tell you fun facts about that area.

Memory Match Edit

A matching game that you can play on three different levels: Level 1 is easy, level 2 is medium, and level 3 is hard.

Music Mania Edit

This allows you to listen to original songs about friendship.

Park Race Edit

A board game that allows you to play alone, or with a friend. There are several morals in this game when you get a card. The following morals are:

  • "Remember to always tell the truth."
  • "Have respect for yourself and others."
  • "If you treat others like you want to be treated, you'll get treated like that too!"
  • "At first if you don't succeed, try again!"

Song Lyrics Edit

Main Clubhouse Song Edit

Come along, come and play.

It's a new day.

(Spoken) And we're gonna have lots of fun!

When we're together, rain or shine...

We're friends forever, friends forever, friends forever, you... and... I!

Make A New Friend Edit

Having Fun Edit

Sharing Song Edit

You Just Gotta Be You Edit

More coming soon!

Official Description Edit

"Good Luck Bear invites you into his clubhouse for a day of fun! Dabble in some art, play a game of Memory Match, play a game of Park Race, have a look at the Care-a-Lot scrapbook and play some fun songs!"

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first AiCAL related application not to involve any of the main bears.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hi there! It's me, Good Luck Bear, and welcome to my clubhouse!" -Good Luck, when you enter the app
  • "There's lots of stuff we can do together! Click on the icon to select an activity. If you need help, just click on me!" -Good Luck, when giving the user instructions on selecting an activity
  • "This is one of my favorites. Nice choice!" -Good Luck, when the user selects an activity
  • "I love music, don't you? In fact, there's a lot of songs we can listen to! Click on the song you want to play." -Good Luck, when in the Music Mania activity
  • "Are you sure you want to exit the clubhouse?" -Good Luck, when the user clicks the exit icon
  • "Bye! I hope you return to my clubhouse very soon!" -Good Luck, when the user exits the app
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