Care Bears: Friends in High Places is a musical that will bring back the Care Bear Cousins, and change back any care bear that have genderbend or changed color. This play also introduces the first Care bear family friend ever, Herbie McGadam.


Act I


Principal Characters Description
Tenderheart Bear The confident leader of the Care Bears. 
Herbie McGadam Ohioan country girl who consently daydreamed, had trouble telling the truth, was bullied, and had no friends. All which are implied to caused by the lost of her father. Herbie is calmed the first Care Bear Family friend at the end.
Grumpy Bear Usaully grumpy inventor of the Care Bear Family. Grumpy seems to be holding alot of dependent on Herbie to be his friend.
Braveheart Lion

The self-appointed general of the Care Bear Cousins. 

Villains  Description
The Spirit The main antagonist from The Care Bears Movie who was accidentally revived by Annabella. Her new plan is to take away all the feelings from the world after she imprisons the Care Bear Family as revenge.
Annabella Birdies A young girl from a private academy. The evil sprirt pocesses her by promising her that she would be her friend and she can make her beautiful via the same influence she used on Nicholas. She is the evil sprirts's second and final victim.
Recurring Principal Characters Description
Brightheart Raccoon
Minor Characters Description