Care Bears: Adventure in Care-a-Lot Is A Action RPG Game In response to the 35th Anniversary of Care Bears. It will be released around September 2017 for the Nintendo Switch and XBOX One.

Note: Edit

You edit it as Long want Just add (Oc) In it

Plot Edit

The Care Bears and there cousins Are Celebrating There Anniversary Until A Purple Sheet of Light Made some of Care Bears Lose The Personally and Made them There Opposite of them... It up to Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear,Funshine Bear,Grumpy Bear,Share Bear,Bedtime Bear,Good Luck Bear,Love-a-Lot Bear and Wish Bear to Find out who done it and stop the Evil Mastermind.

Playable Characters:

  • Tenderheart Bear
  • Cheer Bear
  • Funshine Bear
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Share Bear
  • Bedtime Bear
  • Good Luck Bear
  • Love-A-Lot Bear
  • Wish Bear

Unlockable Characters:(Characters you talk to Join your Adventure):

  • Sweet Sakura Bear
  • Work Of Heart Bear
  • Secret Bear
  • Champ Bear
  • Birthday Bear
  • Bashful Heart Bear
  • Amigo Bear
  • Baby Hugs Bear
  • Baby Tugs Bear
  • Best Friend Bear
  • Neon Stars Unicorn (OC)
  • Lunar Moona Wolf (OC)
  • Dolly Heart Squirrel (OC)
  • Busy Heart Beaver (OC)
  • Loyal Heart Dog
  • Proud Heart Cat
  • Thank-a-lot Bear
  • Treat Heart Pig
  • Superstar Bear
  • Take Care Bear
  • Harmony Bear
  • Heartsong Bear
  • Daydream Bear
  • I Love You Bear
  • Do-Your-Best Bear
  • America Cares Bear
  • Always There Bear
  • Sea Friend Bear
  • Forest Friend Bear


  • Friend Bear
  • Grams Bear
  • Hopeful Heart Bear
  • Laugh-a-Lot Bear
  • Surprise Bear
  • Sweet Dreams Bear
  • Brave Heart Lion
  • Bright Heart Raccoon
  • Cozy Heart Penguin
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant
  • Swift Heart Rabbit
  • Gentle Heart Lamb
  • Emo Panda
  • Ghost White Polar Bear
  • Treat Heart Pig
  • Playful Heart Monkey
  • True Heart Bear
  • Noble Heart Horse
  • Play-a-Lot Bear
  • Shine Bright Bear
  • Wonderheart Bear


  • Professor Coldheart
  • No-Heart
  • Who Cares Bears
  • Emo Bear
  • Gothic Bear
  • Gloomy Bear
  • Lunar Moona Wolf(When You Beat Her she'll Become Good)
  • Gloomy Bear
  • Dark Bear
  • Dark Heart
  • Sick Bear
  • Glitch Bear
  • Hate-A-Lot Bear
  • I Don't Care Bear
  • Kuroto Dan